Why PrairieView

We were founded with the idea of giving everyone a comprehensive and integrated wealth planning experience similar to how the very wealthy rely upon their assorted financial, investment, tax and legal advisors.

Careers at PrairieView


PrairieView Partners was established to fulfill a purpose that was not, in our view, being adequately met in the marketplace. Individuals with net worth’s between $2 million and $15 million, our target market, have a multitude of needs related to investing, retirement planning, estate planning, taxation, education planning, charitable giving, and risk management. While there are many qualified professionals able to give expert guidance in one or two of these areas, what is too often lacking is coordination.

Providing highly personalized, unbiased, advice truly integrated across multiple disciplines is at the core of PrairieView Partner’s business philosophy. The goal is to serve as the central point of communication for our clients—to thoroughly understand their situation and objectives and to make sure their investment, retirement planning, estate planning, tax, insurance, and other financial needs are being appropriately met.

Our team of professionals is key to our success and maintaining our high client-retention rate. It is the mission of our firm to grow and develop highly motivated and competent staff by providing professionals the opportunity for growth and accomplishment, financial participation in firm success and an environment fostering team camaraderie and personal improvement. We have established career paths at all levels of our firm to provide unlimited opportunities for all members of the PrairieView team. Please send all inquiries to careers@prairieviewpartners.com